Telluride Real Estate for Sale Testimonials

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Heidi and Jeff K., Telluride, CO
Aldasoro Home Sale

“We chose to partner with Stewart to sell our Aldasoro home because he stood out among the rest! He brought unmatched integrity and a depth of marketplace knowledge to the assignment and worked diligently to find the perfect buyer. It was truly a pleasure to work with him.”

Bill P., Boerne, TX
Ski Ranches Purchase

“As a buyer’s agent Stewart listened closely to our criteria and helped us find the perfect home. Our entire investment of time in shopping was three hours. He has a deep understanding of the Telluride market and a keen eye for value. Stewart deftly navigated some significant challenges in the early stages of the pandemic to get us to a successful close. He is more than our agent. He is our friend.”

Cleve and Brit P., Spokane, WA
Telluride Home Sale

“Stewart Seeligson is a preeminent professional. He went above and beyond the call to listen to our needs, to talk straight about price, to develop a compelling marketing strategy, and to keep us informed as interest in our property ebbed and flowed through the negotiation process. Stewart has integrity, can be trusted to “call it as he sees it”, and is committed to giving his all in service to his clients.”

Kevin & Leslie S., Dallas, TX
Mountain Village Home Purchase

“We really cannot say enough positive things about our experience working with Stewart. Both his knowledge of the market and his “bedside manner” with us were superb.  He got us across the finish line when I’m not sure we would have made it otherwise. We’ve worked with a number of real estate agents and he is the very best.”

Ernest C., Palm Springs, CA
Mountain Village Home Sale

“Our partnership with Stewart culminated with the sale of our home on Adams Way in October of 2020. Stewart is the consummate professional who has deep knowledge of the Telluride/Mountain Village markets and that drives his success and as a result we were successful in our transaction. I highly recommend Stewart if you’re looking to buy or sell a property.”

Valarie M., Long Island, NY
Mountain Village Condo Purchase

“I chose Stewart based on his reputation, consistent production, and incredible knowledge of the Telluride real estate market. He patiently and expertly answered a myriad of questions, some of them multiple times, and promptly provided us with any and all information we requested, no matter how detailed and substantive. Stewart made the process easy.”

Linda and Ken W., Dallas, TX
Telluride Home Purchase

“Stewart’s knowledge of the Telluride real estate market was invaluable. His business background was evident – for instance, he predicted the recent price increases very early. And perhaps most important, he knows what out-of-state buyers like us want and haven’t considered.”

David and Carol P., Kansas City, MO

“Stewart is far from an ‘everyday’ Realtor – he’s knowledgeable and gave us sophisticated perspective informed by his strong business background and education. His extensive experience was immensely helpful as he advised us in all aspects of a very complex transaction.”

James P., Atlanta, GA

“The first indication that we had made a great decision came when Stewart strongly encouraged us to list the property at more than was our initial inclination.  It turned out to be a great call because we ended up selling our Telluride home for an even higher amount.”

Katie and Jeff, Tampa, FL

“Working with Stewart was a great experience.  He was immensely helpful in so many ways, it is hard to think how we would have done it without him. As a longtime resident, Stewart has a great sense of the local market dynamics as well as insightful perspectives on the Town and region in general. He is a true professional that brings both an objective and balanced approach.  We also benefited from Stewart’s broader network to not only complete the transaction but also to make it a “home”. On top of all that, Stewart is the sort of individual you’ll want to have a drink with even after the transaction.”

Pascal and Stephanie V., San Francisco, CA

“Without hesitation, we recommend Stewart Seeligson for a real estate transaction in Telluride. He helped us find our ideal property for the right price. He worked with us from September through the late November closing, enabling us to celebrate Christmas in our new condo! Some realtors just get you through the closing and you part ways, but Stewart became our friend and helped us with so much more past the closing. It was so evident to us as we skied through New Year’s and recalled the other units we considered that thanks to Stewart, we have not an ounce of regret about our choice. After more than 20 years of renting in Telluride, we are finally owners of a condominium unit in Telluride and couldn’t be happier. He listens carefully and works hard to help you find the best bang for your buck. Stewart, thanks again!”

Gary and Nancy J., Birmingham, AL

“We had no experience in selling a home and we selected Stewart Seeligson based on a friend’s recommendation – a good choice! He provided a comprehensive written game plan that explained his approach to the sale, and more importantly, he followed the plan, was responsive to all of our questions and requests and provided a professional effort that led to a successful outcome.”

Todd L., Austin, TX

“I work with many professionals in my multiple businesses every day. In dealing with so many people, I have found one truly exceptional Colorado broker to work with and that is Stewart Seeligson. He has been very informative and to-the-point. Stewart has helped me find multiple properties that meet my requirements, while other Colorado brokers have failed to do so. Stewart does not waste my time with real estate that does not have real value and real potential. I easily recommend Stewart to my friends, family, and associates when shopping Telluride & Mountain Village property.”

Eric H., Houston, TX

“Stewart is responsive, thorough and expert. He responds to requests for information promptly, responding to emails after hours and providing substantive, detailed responses within a day of the request. Stewart knows Telluride, the owner associations and market well. Working with Stewart is easy and enjoyable.”

Corinna C., Madison, CT

“I’ve been involved in a number of real estate transactions, but never one that was run better than the one I completed with Stewart. Buying a second home in Telluride was exciting from the start, and he made it an efficient and seamless purchase. His longtime experience with Telluride made him an invaluable advisor, and his experience with Colorado real estate law was a huge plus since we were buying from out of state. I was so grateful to Stewart for making my first Telluride business deal so enjoyable!”

Kim L., Houston, TX

“Stewart’s knowledge of the market made buying a second home enjoyable. He understood our needs and was able to help us find a home that met them. He made sure that we understood how the various Town of Telluride Planning regulations (and there are many) might impact our purchase. We could not have been happier with the process.”