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Steamboat Springs Triathlon Club Returns for 3rd Year

By March 27, 2013 April 30th, 2017 No Comments

imagesThere have been sunny and cloudless days, road bike sightings and glimpses of warmer weather.  It’s a reminder summer is coming, and with it comes the third year of the Old Town Hot Springs Steamboat Triathlon Club.  Registration for the club is open here. The deadline is April 16, and the club for athletes of all fitness levels is limited to 35 participants. The club runs from May 1 through Aug. 18.

“Last year, we had a great percentage of athletes returning,” head coach Amy Charity said. “For us, that’s a measure of success. It shows people got value out of it. We hope we can attract new people. It’s a nice way to spend a summer, get fit and and challenge yourself. It becomes a very tight-knit group by the end.”  In its first year, the group had 18 members, and 12 returned last year. All of the group’s coaches are returning.  Charity said participants get an average of 10 hours of triathlon-specific training each week and 170 coached hours throughout the summer. The team also has informative meetings on various topics throughout the year, including nutrition, the physiology of training and bike maintenance.

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