Ski resorts are for non-skiers, too.

If you mention the word ‘vacation’ to most people, the chances are they will immediately think of sun-soaked resorts in various parts of the globe. They will conjure up images of long, unspoilt beaches, crystal clear oceans, luxurious hotels and a variety of exciting restaurants offering the very best examples of local and international cuisine.

However, not every holiday has to be about swimming, sunbathing and snorkelling. Although most people look to spend their annual vacation doing nothing more strenuous than topping up their tans, it should be borne in mind that there are plenty of alternatives which don’t involve burning to a crisp on a lounger.

All over the world, from the iconic beauty of the Swiss Alps to the millionaire’s playground of Aspen in Colorado, there are hundreds of ski resorts which are just waiting to be enjoyed. One of the sad things about them, however, is that they remain undiscovered by people who have no intention of taking up skiing.

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