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Park City Museum Celebrates History of Bogner Ski Fashion

By January 7, 2013 No Comments

“Kathy Burke, who is the apparel buyer for Cole Sport, went to Munich, Germany, and saw a huge exhibit of all these winter clothes Bogner, one of the pioneering companies in ski wear, had designed over the past eight decades,” Morrison [Museum Director] said. “She said that she would see if she arrange to get some of the clothing for a display.”

The result is the “80 Years of Sport in Style” exhibit that will be at the Park City Museum until Monday, Jan. 14.

“Bogner has designed the German Olympic Ski Team outfits since 1936 and we were able to get some of the designs from the 2002, which, of course, was the year the Olympics came to Park City,” Morrison said. “It was perfect timing for us and it’s fun to have a display about skiing and ski clothing while visitors are here for winter activities.”

“I think what draws people to this display is their own experience in ski fashion,” she said. “A lot of people who visit our museum have been skiing for most of their lives and they like the fact that we have a one-piece, pink ski suit and leather boots in the window. It has evoked a lot of memories for people like them.

“For the newer skiers, the exhibit is a reminder to them about how long the sport has been around,” she said.

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