What you need to know as a Telluride buyer

Choosing the right Broker

Choosing the right Broker to guide you in the pursuit of your Telluride property purchase is essential to ensure your interests are held above all others.

Too many times Buyers do not get the level of representation they deserve when selecting and purchasing resort property. Buyers need a broker who will be unbiased in showing property to their client and not simply show their own company’s listings. Furthermore, a Buyer is best served when their Broker acts as the client’s agent and always puts the Buyer’s interests before his own.

Our Process

Stewart always puts his client’s needs first. He shows Telluride properties that he believes best fits his clients’ needs and does not push his client toward a particularly property purchase.  Stewart believes his job is to provide truthful and complete information concerning the market and individual Telluride properties so that his client can make the best decision on his purchase.

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