Steamboat Springs Golf

Steamboat Springs Golf Course Guide

Playing golf in the fun city of Steamboat Springs, CO can be memorable. Steamboat Springs has 4 courses to choose from. When you play golf in Steamboat Springs you will be teeing-off at about 6,728 feet above sea level.

Steamboat golf courses run through three distinct ecosystems.  The predominant hay field of the Steamboat region offer a glimpse of ranch life to the golfer.  The aspen groves and creeks give the area a feeling like New England. Finally, the climb up into high country with broad vistas and sagebrush, and give the sense of awe that typifies Rocky Mountain golf.

From the tees the beauty of the site spreads out before you. The courses runs up into terrain that you would never consider as you warm up at the range. There are so many memorable holes out here.

“It was very challenging to build these holes up here in that we had to move a lot of dirt to cut in the fairways and there is a lot of wildlife that call this area their domain,” explains Catamount Ranch Head Superintendent.  Throughout this landscape bear, deer, moose, elk, and badger are found.

Grab the opportunity now to play a course that you will remember forever. Click here for more information on golf courses in Steamboat Springs.