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Stewart Seeligson: One of Telluride’s Top Brokers

Stewart Seeligson’s business education and diverse real estate experience set him apart from other real estate brokers in the Telluride region.

Since making Telluride his home, Stewart has been an active participant in the local community. He is an annual volunteer at the Telluride Film Festival and a board member of the Telluride Young Life. He is also a strong financial supporter of many Telluride charities including the Telluride Rotary, the Aha School, the San Miguel Resource Center, Telluride One-to-One, and the Volunteer Fire Department.
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For the first report of the 2020, I would like to share with you my expectations for the market. The two biggest factors influencing the current real estate market in the immediate Telluride region are the significant decline in available inventory of improved properties especially in the Town of Telluride and the seemingly insatiable demand for improved property in the Town of Telluride. Baring a substantial macro economic event (e.g. significant recession), the strong demand for properties in the Town of Telluride intersecting with the declining inventory in the Town of Telluride will result in the following:

  1. Notable price appreciation for both condos and homes in the Town of Telluride.
  2. A large portion of buyers resisting the new high price points in the Town of Telluride turning to Mountain Village and Ski Ranches as alternatives.
  3. An overall reduction in the number of transactions and total sales volume in the Town of Telluride real estate market versus 2019.
  4. An increase in both number of transactions and total sales volume in 2020 versus 2019.
  5. The Mountain Village market outperforming the Town of Telluride market in 2020.

This year should bring an exciting case study in fundamental economics for the real estate market in the Telluride region as market forces impact the trends of the last few years.


The Telluride home segment is starting off the year with a bang with 8 homes sold or under contract in January dwarfing the performance of last year. Like other improved segments, expect continued declining inventory this year to keep upward pressure on prices and downward pressure on days on market. Expect a reduction in number of homes sold versus last year. Seller’s Market for recently remodeled homes below $5 million. The Town of Telluride condo segment remains hot with 24 units under contract or sold during January. Expect this segment to slow down measurably in terms of number of units sold compared to last year. Expect a significant drop in the number of condos sold compared to last year. Seller’s Market under $2.5 million. Neutral above $2.5 million. Depleting inventories of lots not yet developed has inevitably sent this segment toward a general downward trend in terms of number of units sold. Surprisingly, 22 lots are currently on the market. Asking prices for in-town lots range from $700,000 to $3.5 million. Expect an increase in the number of lots sold versus last year. Seller’s Market under $1.2 million.


Last year’s fall and early winter momentum continued with 6 homes sold or going under contract in January. Inventory is holding steady at a near all time low with 47 homes on the market. Expect the number of homes sold to come close to matching last year’s impressive 29 home sales. Seller’s Market at price points below $3.5 million. Declining inventories of condos with favorable price points (under $2 million) slightly slowed the momentum of this segment during the December contracting period. Expect the number of condos sold and the overall sales volume to match last year’s performance. Seller Market under $2 million. Buyers Market over $3 million. As this report has indicated many times over, the Mountain Village lot segment is the only segment in the Telluride region that never recovered from the Great Recession. There remains an abundance of inventory at nearly every price point despite a strong overall market. Expect a significant increase in number of lots sold versus last year. Very Strong Buyer’s Market.

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